log1 CMS 2.1


Web Server with PHP5 support. ~ 3MB free disk space.
You don't need to have any database
To edit files by web you will need Web Browser. Firefox / Chrome / Opera / etc.

Manual, user guide:
Unpack log1 CMS package to your htdocs folder f.e. /var/www/
chmod 777 to:
db (whole dir): chmod 777 -R db/
admin/engine/config.php (chmod 777 admin/engine/config.php)
admin/template.php (chmod 777 admin/template.php)
index.php (chmod 777 index.php)

open browser and enjoy log1 CMS.
Admin panel is located: /admin - default login & pass is: log1, log1

don't forget to change it after first log in